Behavior Disorders

Why a Juvenile Boot Camp Isn’t Your Only Option for Therapy

Written by: Wood Creek Academy

Summary: While you may think a juvenile boot camp is the only option for a rebellious teenager, there are other ways that you can help get through to him.

Teenagers often exhibit behavioral problems during their “rebellious” stage of their life. This can lead to a fragmented household, daily arguments, and even financial difficulties. Honestly, you’ve them all over the media, and now you’re thinking about sending your child to a boot camp for boys. But is it the right decision to do so?

Alternative Options

Know that you’re not alone. Many families look to these troubled teen programs to help “rehabilitate” their child and enable him to grow into his own. These boot camps are one of the first programs that often come to mind. Now, it’s not unusual to send your child away, especially when he’s displaying a significant shift in behavior and attitude.

Most people that you discuss these problems with will often tell you to either “stay strong” or “hang in there”. But, how long can you do such a thing for? There needs to be a solution to these issues. Focus on what’s causing your child to give off such a negative vibe. Is he hanging out with the wrong group of friends? Is he being bullied in such a way that now he’s coming to terms with “paying back” his former adversaries? Speak to him and let him know that you’ll be there to support him no matter what. Children often make mistakes, but it’s these mistakes that make him into a man. Despite what others may believe is best for you, only you know how you can get through to your child. And, if it goes to the extent where you’re looking into a variety of wilderness therapy programs, so be it – just do not use this as a threat for conformity.