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Giving Three-Year-Olds Choice and Praising Good Behavior

Article Courtesy of Health Cyber.

Some say the Terrible Two’s are the most taxing time to be a toddler’s parent. But even one year later, the road of parenting can be rough, which is not to say that these wearying periods are completely bereft of wonderment or joy.

Parents, as it’s always been the case, must get their bearings together and tough it out; age three is when children are privy to key developmental lessons, and parental guidance is crucial. Helping them navigate this time with grace will be rewarding for the both of you. At three, kids gain a more concrete sense of their own individuality, and it’s also during this period that their curiosity about the world expands astronomically. They’ll be posing questions left and right.

According human instinct, and child development experts, too, the best response to their growing sense of self and curiosity is to encourage little ones to use their voices and to be heard. One way to do the latter is to present toddlers alternatives they can choose from. For instance, let them make the choice between two lunch options. It’s also recommended that you do your best to praise your child’s attempts at good behavior. At three, children can comprehend the expectations for behavior hoisted on them.