Behavior Disorders

How Wilderness Therapy Programs Are Enhancing the Mental Health Field

Written by: Wood Creek Academy

Nothing beats the outdoors, which is why it’s being used as a therapeutic alternative for troubled teenagers.

therapy-outdoorsNature’s fury has long been associated in a negative light. But, specialists have found nature to also have its benefits in the adolescent therapy field. Known by many as Christian wilderness therapy programs, professionals are using the calming power of the wilderness to aid them in helping juveniles that are looking to regain control over their lives.

What is Wilderness Therapy?

With a combination of wilderness activities and therapy sessions, these outdoor programs can put troubled teenagers on the path to happiness and self-control. It’s been long thought that the only solution would be sending your child to a boot camp for teenagers. Not anymore. Thanks to the experimentation of therapists, wilderness therapy has become a trending alternative for troubled teens. Now, it’s still widely debated on why wilderness therapy works so well. Could it be that the natural soothing powers of the outdoors helps calm children down? Maybe it’s the fact that these teens never get much of an opportunity to explore nature as it’s intended. Whatever the case may be, wilderness therapy programs continue to soar in popularity.

Effective and Efficient

When compared to other mental health services and schools for troubled boys, wilderness programs have been developing a growing reputation for therapeutic efficiency. So much so, that there have been studies conducted on why the wilderness experience works so well. It’s a dramatic step forward in the mental health field, no doubt about that. And, if this trend continues, other “natural” alternatives may follow in the future.