Behavior Disorders

Single Dad with a Crazy Ex-wife

Article Submitted by Nathan Hernando

I was madly in love with my ex-wife and loved her for half a decade — I believed with all my heart and soul that she was my soul mate. We had some of the most amazing and crazy times of my life and I was sure it would last forever. However there was also the other side: she had a lot of problems and they always interfered with our happiness. She would promise to get help but always return to the crazy behavior.

Once we became parents it seemed to go away for a long time, but eventually her issues and her refusal to get better crept back into our lives. So much that she eventually let her lifestyle and issues overcome her and left our son with me full time… and moved away to have another life.

Her mental illness eventually caught up with her even after she moved and I had to get the police involved to find her last summer. We thought she was dead.

I often blamed myself for not doing more– but now almost four years later I have accepted that there was nothing I could do for someone who didn’t want to get help. It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t something I did.

It’s sad that my son may never have his mom in his life and makes me sad that she still put herself first, even over her son. However I will always be grateful to her for giving me my son. That is something that has changed my life forever.