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10 Tips for Preparing for School Meetings About Your Learning Disabled Child

School meetings to talk about your child is important since it will help your child improve. It is important to talk in the school meetings about what is best for the child. Here are ten tips for preparing for school meetings about your learning disabled child.

1. Talk in the school meetings about the child’s progress in school. This is important to know to see how well the child has improved on subjects topics in class. You want to know how much progress has been made from start to ending every few months. You need to see the results of how well your child is doing.

2. Take into consideration the advice that the school may have. If the school thinks that your child doesn’t need special ed or resource classes anymore since enough progress has been made through most of the school then take it into consideration. You need to remember though that the final decision is up to you decide as the parent. If you want your child to say in special ed classes then tell the school that it is your final decision.

3. Let the school know about any concerns or anything that you are worried about. They want the best for your child and it is important that your concerns are properly handled. Don’t be afraid to speak up about any issues or concerns regarding your child’s education that you may have.

4. Always remember that you have rights as a parent. Don’t let the school talk you into doing anything that you aren’t comfortable with. If they suggest that your child should repeat a grade due to not learning enough material then remember that the final decision is up to you. Don’t be pushed into anything that you don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable. You have rights and don’t feel pressured by the school.

5. If your child needs to take any medicine recommended by a doctor then make sure that he or she takes the medicine properly. You need to inform the school about the medicine. Make sure to mention in the school meetings any medications that the child is taking. It is important for the school to keep track of the medicine and know what type of medicine he or she is taking.

6. If your child is having problems in any of the other classes then make sure to let them know that during the school meeting. Let them know so that they can address the issue correctly. It is important that your child learns the basic of math, English, and along with other important subjects when they are in elementary school since it is the foundation to learning new information without much struggle later on in middle school and high school.

7. You need to let the school know if your child is having any problems at home or has trouble reading. It is important that the schools know about this things during school meetings. You want them to be aware of any additional problems that your child may have.

8. Pay attention during school meetings to the people to see if they really pay attention to what you are saying. You don’t want them to ignore everything that you say. You want to know that they actually listen to your concerns. If they don’t care or seem insensitive then don’t tolerate it and tell a higher authority about it.

9. Always write notes of everything that you want or need to discuss during the school meetings. This is important so you that you will be able to remember everything that you wanted to talk about in the school meetings. You might want to bring a tape recorder so that you can remember everything that they said to you during the school meeting too. It is a good idea to tape record all meetings due to the possibility of any legal reasons later on.

10. Always write down the names of every person that is at the school meeting. It is important to have the names of everybody. You want to write down the time and date of the school meeting including all the names of the people that were at the meeting too. This is important just in case of any legal matters in the future.