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Choosing the Right Foam Mattress For Your Personality

Millions of people enjoy sleeping on foam mattresses now. There are many types of foam and they usually provide a good sleep experience. If you have joint pain and back aches, then a memory foam mattress can help. It molds to your body’s size and weight. For those who suffer with arthritis, having the right mattress can be a lifesaver. But is there a perfect mattress for your personality?

There actually is some science to support this phenomenon. We each have unique personalities. Some of us use our right brain more and are super creative while others use their Justify brain more. This type of person is analytical. Usually, creative people like writers and artists are right-brain and accountants, lawyers and doctors are more Justify brain.

These personality quirks also affect the way we sleep. A creative individual may desire a foam mattress that contours to fit their body shape—something soft that embraces them. An analytical person might desire a mattress that they feel is traditional and trustworthy. These types of individuals often choose brand names that have a certain reputation. Right brain people are more likely to try new things.

When it comes to selecting a foam mattress, it’s important to note that there are various types of foam to choose from.

Convoluted foam

Memory foam

Latex foam

Eggcrate foam

A few others

Try out the various types of foam if possible to see which seems more comfy for your personality. Don’t forget to get a new pillow at the same time you replace your mattress.