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Types of Cases Taken by A Dental Malpractice Attorney California

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The courts in California are overwhelmed these days with dental malpractice cases. Patients report all types of dental injuries. These include:

Dental implant nerve injury

Orthodontal injuries where teeth did not line up correctly

Infections from oral surgery

Not diagnosing serious conditions like throat cancer

These facts make it clear that people need to do more research before heading out to a dentist or orthodontist. Try to get recommendations from friends and family. Check the online reviews. In spite of all this, sometimes patients do experience problems where a dentist was negligent. Getting poor services from a dentist can leave you with painful problems that could take months to heal.

If you believe you’ve been injured by the careless actions of a dentist or orthodontist, then you have three years to file a case. You can get help but it’s important to make notes about what happened, take photos of the injuries and get witnesses whenever possible. This will strengthen your case and make it easier to achieve success.

Lastly, find a great dental malpractice attorney California so you can be successful in winning your case. Attorney Dane Levy can give you additional dental malpractice information. As a leading dental malpractice lawyer California, he will fight to win your case.

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