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Summer Home Improvement Projects

Though most people are glad that winter is over, spring is when we all look around and see numerous home improvement chores that have been neglected due to cold, snowy weather. Instead of just ignoring these projects, it’s really better to tackle them head on. Get friends and family involved if possible. You may have to reward the kids for helping out, but this can be a positive time of family bonding.

Make A List of Home Improvement Tasks

Begin with a good, realistic list of everything that needs to be done. Some people will only pick out the really critical chores, while others will create an extensive, almost impossible list to conquer. It’s best to the find the happy medium. Below, are the most common household projects people think about during spring:

Clean out the garage

Clean out flower bed; update landscaping with new plants

Clean up the barbecue grill and get it ready to go

Remove winter junk from in and around your home

Update floors, wall colors, furnishings, as needed

Changing cushions & mattresses

Spring is a great time to change chair cushions and flip your mattress. If your mattress has gotten old and has foul odors, it might be time to replace it. You’ll sleep better on a new memory foam mattress. Old mattresses can cause severe back aches, plus they’re more prone to things like bed bugs. While you’re at it, replaced old worn out chair cushions. You can even find sofa cushions at factory direct prices at The Foam Factory.