Behavior Disorders

Young People and Drink

Article written by Only health news

Although it’s one of the last things a parent would want to face, it’s not unheard of for children to get caught up in behaviors that result in arrest and criminal charges being leveled against them. One of the most common causes of young people’s brushes with the law is drunkenness. Although laws are dramatically different in European countries, for instance, in the United States, the consumption of alcohol is legally prohibited for young people under the age of twenty-one.

Some claim that such a strict prohibition encourages the under-twenty-one set to consume alcohol and to engage in risky behavior — they say it’s got something to do with the appeal of rebelling against parents and rules they see as somewhat unfounded. But most likely, there’s something else tied up here: alcohol is a mood-enhancing substance that is, for the most part, quite accessible. If it’s not already well-stocked inside the family home or in that of close friends, all kids need to get their hands on a bottle is a sympathetic adult who’ll buy it for them or a fake I.D., as is common practice on college campuses.

Regardless of what unfavorable behaviors end up being displayed because of alcohol abuse by young people, if they come under the close scrutiny of law enforcement agencies, it is critical that they have proper defense when standing before a judge.