Behavior Disorders

James Holmes, Aurora shooter is mentally ill according to attorney

Article Courtesy of Discover Health Now.

I found this interesting graphic today about James Holmes, the Aurora shooter who killed 24 people in a movie theater. Since this horrible shooting happened a couple of weeks ago, everyone has been wondering why the shooter did what he did and it is certainly obvious that this man is sick and has some kind of mental illnes. It was reported that his school psyhcatrist had talked to  him several times and had concluded that this man needs help, but before the school could take action James Holmes took off and did not return to school.  Perhaps there should be some sort of law to report these types of individuals to law enforcement.

Today at a hearing The attorney representing James Holmes claimed his client is mentally ill. It appears that this would be the defence route they will take to maybe get an insanity rulling.  Mr. Holmes looked daised and confused at this first hearing and many speculated he either was on drugs or had not had enough sleep.

It would be interesting to see the psychological and medical findings on this case.