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Why is divorce so hard on the family

Divorce wreaks havoc on the family. Children suffer more than anyone. After divorce, the constant contact with a loved parent is gone. Children lose their motivation and become overwhelmed as they watch their mother or father fall into depression as a result of the divorce. Some young people fall into a promiscuous lifestyle and engage in risky behaviors as a way to deal with the anger and apathy they feel. A Long Beach family law attorney understands the challenges that a divorce, and especially a prolonged divorce, will have on a family. They work hard to make the divorce process as clean and straightforward as the circumstances allow.

One of the biggest challenges associated with a divorce is determining who has custody of the children. A child custody attorney Long Beach will work with their client to help them present as strong a case as the circumstances allow as to why they should have sole custody or partial custody of their children.

Divorce lawyers in Long Beach CA become very familiar with their clients. Unfortunately, because of the different legal situations that arise following a divorce, divorced spouses are in and out of court frequently, especially during those first few years. They see first-hand the challenges children face as they are told by judges to basically choose between their mother or their father. Divorce is a messy situation that has a painful impact on all involved.

For this reason, Long Beach divorce attorneys work with their clients in a dignified yet empathetic way. They understand the pain their clients are going through, and so they do what they can to make the divorce process as clean and straightforward as possible.

Riley Khorram is a family law attorney in Long Beach, Ca who can help in legal matters related to separation of marriage.