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What are the consequences of cyber bullying?

cyber bullying
By Phin Upham

Do children know just how serious cyber bullying can be? E Science News reports that a new study that will be published in the International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments reveals that many students are bullied and many have little or no knowledge of internet safety.

The article discusses the difference between the way children grow up today and the way their parents grew up. For example, according to the article, nine out of every ten children have access to a computer at home – technology that wasn’t even around when their parents were that young.  The researchers suggest that parents have to be more involved in monitoring online activity because being bullied on the internet might be even more dangerous than being harmed or bullied in the real world because there are no boundaries online. However, the study revealed that many parents aren’t monitoring online activity and that students do not understand the risks involved in cyber bullying and see it as no big deal.

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About the Author: This article was submitted by Phin Upham. Phin Upham is an investor and writer from NYC. He has edited published several books, articles and essays.  You can find out more info about him at Phin Upham website or contact him at Phin Upham Facebook.