Behavior Disorders

Don’t Disregard the Effects of Bullying in Children

Article written by Weight gone now

In the past few years, high-profile cases of children and young people being driven to suicide after being targeted by bullies have resulted in more frank public discussions about a problem that is all too often downplayed as a case of “children being children.” As the denouements of the publicized cases make plain, bullying can have very serious consequences. Also, there are new elements making acts of bullying more pernicious than ever before: the unprecedented access to victims that mobile technology gives bullies, and the ability to spread public knowledge of bullying acts via social networks. Experts recommend that parents pay special attention to their kids with respect to the telltale signs of a brush with a bully.

Some of these signs include social withdrawal and isolation, unexplained bruising, and suicidal ideation. If you child starts acting up by never leaving his or her room, losing touch with friends and family members, and speaking of committing suicide, you must intervene. Start by trying to bring your child back into the social fold and by making a visit to a trusted therapist. You should also reach out to school administrators and teachers to gain a better understanding of the challenges your child is facing.