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Custom Cushion Ideas & Other Ways to Improve Your Home

You can transform any room from plain vanilla to deluxe banana split with a little imagination and a few creative changes to your room. There are so many ways a room can be converted from a blank page to a beautiful ensemble of elegance. Custom cushions can be inexpensive and yet add a splash of color to any room. Check out the styles and colors when hunting for new custom cushion selections.

Foam for your custom cushion is available in many types:

Memory foam

Conventional foam

Convoluted foam

Latex foam

Below are a few more ideas to make your home beautiful.


These days you don’t need to hire an artist in order to have a mural on one of your walls. There are innumerable companies that sell these as wallpaper. You simply apply the strips to your wall per instructions and suddenly your wall is covered in a lovely pastoral scene. Choosing the correct mural is critical though. Consider the room’s purpose and its furnishings and try to tie in colors and textures of the style that’s already there.

Wall clocks

The right wall clock adds flair and functionality. Consider that room with the modern desk and white leather chair. On the wall across from the aspen mural, you place a contemporary clock with bronze twigs intertwining downward from a light bowl constructed of French white Scavo glass.

Stop by The Foam Factory website for a huge selection of foam for your custom cushion projects indoors, outside, in the boat or in the RV. They have every size and type of foam. Unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem. They can cut any type of foam to any size you like. Just ask.