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Feb 20 2012

New Disorders, New Drugs, and New Abuses

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Article written by Çéllan It’s unsurprising that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder would be a common diagnosis among young people given that many adults themselves feel overwhelmed by all that calls out for their attention — work, family, building up their brand online, staying healthy, and, somehow, pursuing their non-work related interests. But an ADHD diagnosis […]

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Feb 20 2012

Defiant Behavior in Autistic Children

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Article written by Working health remedies Autistic children who display defiant behavior present parents with their own particular set of challenges. Angry bursts involving pushes, kicks, rocking, projectiles, and unexplained laughter are all common experiences for the parents and children involved. Despite the unruliness of such situations, most parents have learned, the hard way, that […]

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Feb 20 2012

Young People and Drink

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Article written by Only health news Although it’s one of the last things a parent would want to face, it’s not unheard of for children to get caught up in behaviors that result in arrest and criminal charges being leveled against them. One of the most common causes of young people’s brushes with the law […]

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Feb 20 2012

Autism’s Academic Challenges

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Article written by Free health remedies Just as children with Autism can struggle to complete academic tasks, educators themselves are often at a loss as to how to reach out to students displaying Autism’s varied symptoms. Simply put, lack of knowledge about Autism is very often encountered among those charged with educating children displaying its […]

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Feb 20 2012

Don’t Disregard the Effects of Bullying in Children

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Article written by Weight gone now In the past few years, high-profile cases of children and young people being driven to suicide after being targeted by bullies have resulted in more frank public discussions about a problem that is all too often downplayed as a case of “children being children.” As the denouements of the […]

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